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Aditya Raut become 1st person in the world to cross 9 Sea/Channels of 9 countries, spanning Seven continents.

Aditya Raut conquers 3 Channels in a row to become 1st person in the world to cross 9 Sea/Channels of 9 countries, spanning Seven continents.

September 1, 2009

Ever since Aditya Raut, as a nine-year-old, set his first world record in 2002 by becoming the youngest swimmer to complete a sea distance of 70kms from Gateway of India to Dharamtar and back, he has been a teenaged swimmer possessed with the hunger to push his growing body to cross the limits time and again.

His achievements also earned him the Shiv Chatrapati Award (India)for the year 2005-06, the highest accolade for sporting excellence in the State of Maharashtra, becoming the youngest recipient ever, but the quest for glory is burning as fierce as ever.

After setting three more world records over the years, Aditya’s latest feat, which has had to world of open sea swimming sit up and take notice, is nothing short of superhuman, to say the least.

In a span of 25 days, beginning 26th July 2009 Aditya undertook and successfully completed the crossing of three channels, beginning with the 26km Swiss Channel.

Aditya completed the 26kh International race organized by the Chinmay Mission, finishing in 9 hours, 14 minutes finishing 6th overall in the Open Category and emerging the youngest swimmer ever to have completed the event with this timing.

On 8th August, 2009 Aditya undertook a solo effort to swim the 19km Gibraltar Strait Channel in Spain (City Teriffa), completing his swim in 3 hours, 26 minutes, once again emerging as the youngest swimmer in this season to do the swim.

Aditya then capped his Channel conquering spree by undertaking a solo swim in the 42kms British Channel on 19th August, 2009, crossing in 14 hours, 55 minutes, becoming the youngest swimmer of the season to successfully complete this difficult crossing.

In all above channel swims the water temperature was as low as 12 to 17 degree and the swims depended on the climate and speed of the winds.

Aditya Raut is currently training at the Champion Aquatic Club in Pune under renowned coach.Vinay Marathe, also a “Chattrapati Awardees” for Best Coach for the year 2006-07.

Aditya is a 11th std. student of the Abasaheb Garware Collage of Science, Pune.

Aditya has already swam five in continents -- Dharamtar 2 way in Mumbai, India, Cook Street in New Zealand, Robin Island and Dog Leg in South Africa, Toroneous Gulf in Greece, Catalina Channel in USA and 7 different islands swims in Tunisia and has already broken all the earlier records of being the youngest in the world to do above all continents.

An individual sport of this nature incurs high expenses and till date Aditya’s family, comprising his father, working in LIC India as a Development Officer and mother, serving in a government organization, have dug deep into their savings to fund his brave exploits.

Aditya is now ready to make the transition into open water races while representing India and hopes that his feat of becoming the only person in the world to swim nine different seas in nine countries’s at the age of 16 years will catch the attention of prospective sponsors. Till then, this talented, strong and brace swimmer will continue to plough a lone furrow in international waters, supported by his family and bunch of dedicated support staff.

Aditya need sponsor for his further attempts of channel crossing.

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